1Byte Solutions, established 2010 is a leading Brands Expert, Managed IT Support & Outsourcing firm in Ghana. We are made up of a vibrant diverse group of highly dedicated and technically skilled team as well as experienced business entrepreneurs whose core mandate is to manage small and medium to large scale corporate technology solutions from fully outsourced Managed IT Services, Corporate and Individual brands to project based IT support.

Over several years, we have developed strong customer-centred approach relationships with clients in various sectors including Education, Financial Services, Legal Servics, Logistics & transportation, Healthcare, Non-Govermental Agencies, Real Estate, Startups etc. With deep industry experience and extensive knowledge of organizational functions we help businesses transform their customer experience, accelerate business performance and optimize their business operations.

We are proud to have a great team of people with collective experience and expertise that run deep and wide. Everyone at 1Byte is committed to delivering excellent technical and customer service, and we think of ourselves as extended team members of your business. Whether you have an internal IT department, an hourly consultant, or you already outsourced to another IT company there are many reasons why you should partner with 1Byte to manage your IT department. We offer affordable wide-ranging technology services that come with branding at very competitive rates. We add value to your business by providing consulting services to identify how best to utilize IT and other financial tools to expand your business and enhance bottom line.

  • To be recognized as an IT organization that never fails to deliver quality branding service, solutions, support and maintenance to our entire client base in a timely fashion.
  • To be synonymous with being innovative at providing IT solutions for a variety of businesses internationally.

To improve the profitability of our clients’ business by providing them with quality IT solutions, support and maintenance.

Here at 1Byte we believe in

  • Integrity
  • Punctuality
  • Constant Improvement
  • Personal Relationships

Business Technology ... Personally Delivered

  • 1Byte's strategy is to ensure that our customers or clients are working even more effectively and we are contributing to the overall profitability of the organization, making them better than they were when we started working with them
  • 1Byte is a solution based IT Consultancy, we try as much as possible to really understand the needs of our clients and provide them with workable solutions
  • We are able to remotely work on our clients’ systems wherever they are in the world from wherever we may be
  • To seek continuous and never ending improvements and innovation in our services for the Ghanaian communities we serve
  • 1Byte believes in the philosophy that the Customer is king and with this in mind, all our staff and associates focus on delivering a service that ultimately the customer sees as beneficial to their operations.